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Fluorescent Whitening Agent KOB

Product Name: Fluorescent Whitening Agent KOB

C.I. No.: --

Physical Form: yellowish-green powder crystal



Melting Point(℃): 175-205

Volatile content:(%):0.5Max

Ash content(%):0.1Max


Fluorescent Whitening Agent KOB,is one of the bisdiphenylethylene compounds.KOB has an appearance of yellowish green powder crystal with a purity equal to or higher than 99% and a melting solvents.Product Whitened by KOB has a natural pure white appearance.Being stable in chemical properties and characterized by strong high-temperature resistance and photo-stability,KOB is one of the most ideal whitening agents generally accepted internationally for polyester fiber.


Fluorescent Whitening Agent KOB in the form of refined powder is very suitable for whitening and brightening polyester fiber and has good whitening effect on plastic such as PE,PP and PVC and their process of shaping with polyester chips or recovered polyester chips.This product is one of the bet whitening agents for platics and constructions.Not only is whiteness but also its clime endurance is more excellent than PF's.In addition,the refined powder is widely used in coating industry.

Directions for use and dosage:

Put Fluorecent Whitening Agent KOB in the form of refined powder,the polyester chips and other auxiliaries together into the mixer.The dosage of 0.02-0.08% on weight of polyester is recommended and should be determined according to the requirement for the whiteness of the finished products.Mix the mixture thoroughly at 50-150°C and then keep it at 240-300°C for drawing-spinning.


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