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Ultramarie Blue

ultramarine pigment is the oldest and most bright blue pigment, non-toxic, environmental friendly, is an inorganic pigment.

It is used for whitening, can eliminate yellow light in the white paint and other white pigment, insoluble in water, alkali, heat resisting, in the atmosphere is extremely stable on the sun and under wind and rain erosion , but acid nonresistant, In the acid resolved and discolored.

As a blue inorganic pigment, with its unique red light make a place in the blue pigment. The usage of ultramarine products is extremely extensive. with its Coloring aspects It is used in blue color paint, coating, rubber, ink, tarpaulins, painted and Building exterior blue paint, and with the whiteness aspect used in papermaking, soap and washing powder, starch, white products and civilian brush wall.

(A) Molecular formula: Na6Al4Si6S4O20

(B) specification: ultramarine is a blue powder with bright blue color, can eliminate the yellow shade in the white matter, alkali-resisting,alkali-resisting,Heat resistant,Lightfastness,In the acid decomposition and fading,Insoluble in water. Ultramarine is an inorganic pigment.It is made from sulfur, clay, quartz, carbon, etc.


① coloring: for paint, rubber, printing and dyeing, ink, watercolour, architecture and so on.

② whiteness: for paint, knitting industry, paper, detergent and so on.

③ Painting dedicated: ultramarine powder were severally added into blend oil, glue and propylene, can be made oil paintings, watercolors, gouache and acrylic paint. ultramarine is a mineral pigment, transparent, harsh and weak,it is not suitable for painting with dark colors. But it is good for decorative colors, especially in ancient Chinese construction it is very commonly.

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