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Fluorescent Whitening Agent VBU

Product Name: Fluorescent Whitening Agent VBU

C.I. No.: --

Physical Form: light yellow even-sized powder



Whitening intensity:equivalent to the 100 points of the standard agent

Hue:slightly different from the standard agent

WCIE(whiteness different between VBU and the standard agent):≥-3.0

Moisture content:≤5%

Content of insoluble impurities:≤0.5%

Fineness (quantity of residue on sieve having 180um meshes):≤10%


Fluorescent Whitening Agent VBU,also called acid-resistant Whitening Agent VBU,is a derivative of the diphenylethylene bistriazine.It has an appearance of light yellow powder,a nature of anion and an acid-and alkali-resistance of PH 2-10.This shitening agent can be used in a bath together with anionic or non-ionic surfacant,anionic dyes and synthetic resin.


Having a rather strong acid-and chlorine-resistance,VBU is mainly used for whiteing while cotton or viscose products and suitable for one-bath whitening of cotton fabric in resin finishing liquor.It can be used for whitening knitted undershirts to prevent them from being yellowed by sweat stain.

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