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Fluorescent Whitening Agent FP

Product Name: Fluorescent Whitening Agent FP

C.I. No.: FBA 378

Physical Form: light yellow or milk white powder




Melting Point(℃): 220-221

Volatile content:(%):0.5Max

Ash content(%):0.1Max


Appearance:Light yellow or milk white crystaline powder 
Structure:a compound of diphenylethylene group biphenyl type 
Resistance to acid and alkali:rather strong
Solubility:Insoluble in water,but soluble in ordinary solvents 
Melting point:220-221°C


Fluorescent Whitening Agent FP has very good whitening effect on various kinds of plastics and their products,especially on the products of plastics such as PVC and PS.It has extra ideal whitening and brightening effects on artificial leathers.No yellowing and discoloring will occur on the products whitening by this whitening agent even if they are stored for a long time.Whitening Agent FP is similar to Uvitex FP made in foreign country.

Directions for use and dosage:

The dosage should be 0.01-0.05% on weight of plastic.Put the whitening agent into the plastic pellets and mix the mixture thoroughly before shaping the plastic products.

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