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High temperature resistant pigment

Our company independently makes and produces 7 color-resistant high-temperature pigments, which are cobalt blue (P.Blue 28), cobalt green (P.Green 50), Titanium nickel yellow (P.Yrew53), titanium chrome brown (P .Brown24), Chrome copper black(P.Black 28), Ferromanganese black (P. Black 26), Zinc iron yellow (P.Yellow 119). These pigments have outstanding heat stability, among those pigment,cobalt blue, cobalt green, titanium nickel yellow, titanium chromium brown above 1000 ℃, chrome copper black, ferromanganese black, zinc iron yellow above 800 ℃ . They have excellent resistance toLightfast weathering stability, chemical stability, and non-toxic, strong hiding power, no migrate, no bleach, easy to disperse. Mainly used in heat-resistant coatings, fluorocarbon coatings, powder coatings, coil coating, industrial coatings, building materials, plastics, masterbatch, sintered sand and other fields. In response to the market requirement, we have also developed a special water-based paint ,which used in water-based chromium copper black. Titanium nickel yellow and titanium chrome brown also has a reflective infrared function,which is one of the emerging cold pigment  the current international market, it can be used for the production of thermal reflective coating and other special purposes.

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