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Cadmium pigment

Cadmium pigments are an important variety in the inorganic pigments. According to the color can be roughly divided into yellow and red two categories. The yellow color is the solid solution of CdS and CdS with ZnS, and its hue gradually turns to light yellow with the increase of ZnS content. The red cadmium pigment is divided into CdS-CdSe solid solution class and CdS - HgS solution class. Beginning with the yellow of the CdS component,it will turned from orange to red with the increase of CdSe or HgS solid solution content. Cadmium pigments through the high temperature calcination, so there is a good heat resistance, can resist above 370 ℃, bright color and excellent weather resistance.

We provide cadmium red, cadmium yellow, cadmium orange, the product has light resistance, light fastness, excellent weather resistance, high temperature resistance, strong hiding power, strong coloring, no migration, no bleeding and other characteristics, widely used in plastics, Masterbatch, rubber, leather, art paint, gravure printing ink, high-grade paint, enamel, ceramics, glass, color gravel and other building materials and electronics industries. In the polymer coloring, it is almost available for all resins and plastics.

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