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Fluorescent Whitening Agent FNW

Product Name: Fluorescent Whitening Agent FNW

C.I. No.: --

Physical Form: light yellow transparent clear liquid.


Structure:a compound of diphenylethylene xenene type.
Solubility:soluble in water,alcohol,ether,DMF,etc.
Fluorescence tone:slight greenish blue. 
Resistance to chlorine-bleaching and oxygen-bleaching:extremely strong resistance to chlorine-and oxygen-bleaching,and having very good whitening effect even if under strong acidic or alkalic conditions.


Because of its extremely strong resistance to chlorine-and oxygen-bleaching,FNW is the best whitening agent for natural fibres,and could be widely used in detergent,dyeing & printing and paper-making industries,etc.It is also the most excellent whitening agent for washing powder,washing cream and liquid detergent.As its solvent is polyhydric alcohol,preventing pollution of liquid detergent by bacteria propagation,so it is specially suitable for liquid detergent.

Directions for use and dosage:

Since FNW has a very good affinity for cellulose fiber and is soluble in water,it can be used at room temperature for whitening cellulose fiber,polyamide fiber and protein fiber.For whitening textiles,the dosage should normally be 0.1-1.0% O.W.F.When used in detergents,it can be added at any stage of production process and the dosage should be 0.15-1.2% on weight of detergent.

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