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Prussian blue

prussian blue

Dark blue crystal or powder. It is a dark-colored pigment,which changes color from dark blue with a copper flash to bright blue.

Insoluble in water, soluble in acid, alkali. It has green and red coloured light, bright in color, strong tinting ability, poor hiding power. stiffness Texture, not easy to grind. Can be resistant to light, acid.when in  the boiled concentrated sulfuric acid can be decomposition;weak alkali resistance, even dilute alkali can make it decompose. Can not be used with basic pigments. thermolability, when heated to 200 ~ 220 ℃ will be released hydrocyanic acid.

Use For coloring in paint, ink, drawing, crayons, and Painting wall cloth, wall paper, plastic products.In Cosmetics products used as coloring for eye drops, eyebrows and soap, also used for paints, inks, gouache, crayons, pigments in oil paint  and dyes for fabric .

prussian blue for paints

Is a translucent dark blue pigment, Good tinting strength, water-based and oil-based pigments

prussian blue for offset inks

Is a pure blue pigment, good tinting strength, good opacity, light resistance, reddish tint

prussian blue for paints and plastics

Is a dark blue powder, good tinting strength, good weatherability, can be used for plastics and paints

prussian blue for agriculture and fertilizer

It is an ultra-fine blue powder with a particle size of up to 1.92um. It can be used as a marker crop for agricultural chemicals and also can be used for agriculture and fertilizer。

Prussian Blue for Solvent based inks

Is a blue powder that is resistant to solvents and mineral acids, good weather and light fastness, good acid resistance and good coloring power, it is used in solvent based inks.

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