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Fluorescent Whitening Agent NT-8 liquid

Product Name: Fluorescent Whitening Agent NT-8 liquid

C.I. No.:--

Physical Form: yellow-brown clear viscous liquid 



Structure:a compound of diphenylethylene triazine type
PH Value:8-10
Resistance to acid and alkali:suitable for PH5-13
Solubility:soluble in water in any ratio


Fluorescent whitening agent(FWA) for cotton/cellulose fibres,nylon fibres,rayon fibres,wool and silk and their blends. 
High affinity,extremely suitable for exhaust application.
Extremely good light and wet fastness properties.
Good stability in peroxide and reductive bleaching liquors.
Can be used in boiling-off baths.
Extremely suitable for fluorescent whitening of viscose and modal fibres

Amounts required:

Cotton and bast fibres:0.18-0.7% NT-8 liquid; 
Viscose and bast fibres:0.4-1.5% NT-8 liquid,3-5 g/l sodium sulphate calc.
Polyamide fibres:0.5-2% NT-8 liquid,2-4 g/L hydrosulphite-based reducing agent.
Wool,silk:0.5-1.5% NT-8 liquid,2-4 g/L hydrosulphite-based reducing agent


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