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Ultramarine Blue 463

Product Name: Ultramarine Blue 463

Color Index: Pigment Blue 29

C.I. No.: 77007
CAS No.:57455-37-5

EINECS NO.:309-928-3  

Molecular Formula: Na6Al4Si6S4O20

Molecular Weight: 862.60


Ultramarine Blue 463 Properties

EMPEROR Ultramarine Blue 463 is Synthetic Inorganic. It is a blue pigment of sodium aluminosilicate containing sulphur. It is prepared by heating kaolin, sodium carbonate, sulphur and other inexpensive ingredients together. It is heat and alkali resistant.

It is used for optical whiteness in plastics, rubber, inks, paints, cosmetics, detergents, cement, textile and paper.


Technical Data Sheet


Ultramarine Blue 463




Blue powder

Free Sulfur %


PH Value


Oil Absorption


Residue On Sieve(325 Mesh),%


Water soluble, %


105℃Moisture (After Production)


Tinting strength, %




Note: The data contained here are based on our current knowledge and experience. It is the responsibility of user to test our products before the final application.

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