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Bismuth Vanadate Yellow(Pigment Yellow 184)

Product Name: Bismuth Vanadate Yellow

Color Index: Pigment Yellow 184

C.I. No.: 771740
CAS No.:14059-33-7

EINECS NO.:237-898-0  

Molecular Formula: BiO4V

Molecular Weight: 323.92


Bismuth Vanadate yellow Properties

EMPEROR Bismuth Vanadate yellow is an inorganic lead free pigment recommended in applications where high performance is required,due to its very bright shade and high tinting strength.its free ecotoxicological behaviour makes it as a suitable alternative to chrome and cadmium pigments.it exhibits good performance of the resistances to solvents,acids,alkalis and sulfur dioxide.its light fastness and weather resistance are also excellent on full and reduced tones.

It can be use for coil coatings,powder coatings,automotive coating,construction coating,color masterbatch,nylon,etc.


Technical Data Sheet

Bismuth Vanadate Yellow

Density (g/cm3)


PH value


Oil Absorption(g/100g)


105℃Volatile Matter%


Water soluble Matter%


Residue on 45um Mesh%


Heat resistant


Light Resistant


Acid resistant


Alkali Resistant



Note: The data contained here are based on our current knowledge and experience. It is the responsibility of user to test our products before the final application.

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