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Pigment Yellow 164(Manganese Titanium Brown)

Product Name: Manganese Titanium Brown
Color Index: Pigment Yellow 164
C. I. No.: 77899
CAS No.:68412-38-4
EINECS NO. 270-185-2
Molecular Formula: Mn/Sb/Ti-oxide

Manganese Titanium Brown Properties

Pigment Yellow 164-Manganese Titanium Brown is a Manganese Antimony Titanate Brown pigment with high tinting strength. It is one of the best weathering Brown pigments known. It has excellent chemical resistance, outdoor durability, light-fastness, heat stability and is non-bleeding and non migratory. Suggested applications include RPVC, Polyolefins, Engineering Resins, Paints and Coatings including General Industrial, Coil and Extrusion coatings, etc.

Technical Data Sheet

Manganese Titanium Brown

Density (g/cm3)


PH value


Oil Absorption(g/100g)


105℃Volatile Matter%


Water soluble Matter%


Residue on 45um Mesh%


Heat resistant


Light Resistant


Acid resistant


Alkali Resistant


Note: The data contained here are based on our current knowledge and experience. It is the responsibility of user to test our products before the final application.

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