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Fluorescent Whitening Agent RSB

Product Name: Fluorescent Whitening Agent RSB

C.I. No.: FBA 357

Physical Form: slight yellow liquid 



Structure:a compound of diphenylethylene triazine type 
Resistance to acid and alkali:suitable for PH2-12 
Solubility:soluble in water in any ratio.


This product is especially suitable for whitening and brightening paper pulp,knitted goods and cotton fabrics.The whitening effect of VBL will decrease remarkably when the PH value is lower than 6,while RSB,since more water-soluble groups have been introduced into its structure,does not only have a very good water solubility,but also has a much higher resistance to acid,and thus has a very good whitening effect on cellulose fiber even if the PH value is only 3-4.This product has very excellent resistance to disturbance of cation,it is more superior to common fluorescent whitening agents,so it is specially suitable to coating and sizing press in paper-making when cation auxiliaries is necessary.

Directions for use and dosage:

Since RSB is a liquid,not so hard to dissolve as VBL and will not cause dust pollution,it is only necessary to oweigh out it according to the whiteners required and dilute it in water in any ratio.The dosage recommended is as follows:1)For whitening paper pulp:3-10‰ on weight of dry paper pulp.2) For whitening knitted goods: 
4-8g/l when using pad-dyeing process,and if 2-4g anhydrous sodium sulfate is added in the padding bath,the whiteness of fabric will be greatly increased.0.4-1.2% O.W.F.when using dip-dyeing process.


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