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Fluorescent Whitening Agent KSN

Product Name: Fluorescent Whitening Agent KSN

C.I. No.: FBA 368

Physical Form: bright yellow crystalline powder



Melting Point(℃): >295°C

Volatile content:(%):0.5Max

Ash content(%):0.1Max


Solubility:Insoluble in water,but soluble in high boiling point organic solvents such as phenyl-chloride.
Structure:a compound of diphenylethylene bisbenzoxazole type .


FWA KSN's chemical structure is similar to FWA OB-1's but has much better whitening effects than OB-1 on polyester fibres and plastics,its compatibility with plastics is better than OB-1's too,highly whitening effects is available with only small dosage,KSN has a good resistance to high temperature as well as excellent resistance to light and weather.Applied to whiten polyester,polyamide and polycarylonitrile fibres,used in film,plastic pressing & injection process too.Suitable for whitening high polymers and could be added at any point during synthesizing

Directions for use and dosage:

The dosage should be 0.01-0.05% on weight of plastic or polyester granules.Mix the materials thoroughly before shaping of the plastic products or drawing-spinning of polyester fibers.

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