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Fluorescent Whitening Agent NT-1

Product Name: Fluorescent Whitening Agent NT-1

C.I. No.: FBA 199

Physical Form: light yellow (with slight grass green)dispersed liquid




Melting Point(℃):229-231

Volatile conten:≤0.50%

Ash content:≤0.10%


NT-1,a new type of whitening agent(Optical Brightener) for polyester fiber,is one of the diphenylethylene compounds and similar to the foreign brands such as Blankophor ER330%,Whitex ERB and Ultraphor RN.The high concentrated commercial NT-1 is a light yellowish green nonionic dispersed solution,which is stable when used together with cationic softeners and can be used together with sodium hypochlorite,hydrogen peroxide and reductive bleaching agent in a bath.


The product is suitable for whitening and brightening polyester fabrics or cotton-polyester blend fabrics and whitening plastic as well. The product is compatible with pad-dyeing hot-melt process,high temperature-pressure dip-dyeing process and low temperature adsorbing and fixing dip-dyeing process.

Directions for use and dosage:

Pad dyeing process:NT-1 whitening agent 2-4g/l; twice dipping and twice padding100°C pre-drying180-200°Ccuring for 20-30s for setting.(Water wash can be dispensed with.) 
High-temperature-pressure dip-dyeing process:NT-1 whitening agent 0.2-0.6%(O.W.F.); bath ratio 1:30; adjust the PH value to 4-5; Keeping dyeing temperature at 130°C for 60min reduction clearingdrying.



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