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Optical Brightener agent CXT

Product Name: Optical Brightener agent CXT

C.I. No.: 71

Physical Form: white or light yellow powder

Molecular Formula: C40H38N12O8S2Na2

Molecular Weight: 924.91

Maximum uv absorption wavelength: 350nm

Flourescence Intensity:100±3

Moisture: ≤5.0

Insoluble Matter in Water: ≤0.5



Optical Brightener agent CXT is accounted as an excellent optical brightener for detergent, because this brightener introduce morpholine group, many properties improved. For example, acid resistant improved, perborate resistant is also better, can be used for cellulosic fiber, polyamide fiber, and fabric whitening. Optical Brightener agent CXT fluorescence is blue shade due to its anion recognition property. Optical Brightener agent CXT Chlorine bleaching performance is good, better than VBL AND 31#, the best dye bath is PH=7-10, light fastness is 4. The best advantage use in detergent is high use level, high the cumulative washing whiteness, can meet the demand for any use level in detergent industry.



  1. Use for detergent, for synthetic detergent, soap, perfumed soap, make appearance pure white and Glittering and translucent plump.
  2. Use for cotton fiber and nylon fabric whitening, also for synthetic fiber,polyamide fiber, azelon, etc


Optical Brightener agent CXT solubility in water is lower than VBL and 31#, can mix to 10% turbid liquid with hot water. Please note, mixing according to the need, avoid direct dunlight.

Dosage in detergent is 0.1-0.5%

Dosage in printing and dyeing is 0.1%-0.3%

Package, 25kg or 20kg/drum, or carton


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