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Fluorescent Whitening Agent FBA85

Product Name: Fluorescent Whitening Agent KOB

C.I. No.: FBA85

Physical Form: light yellow even sized powder


E Value:100% of the standard agent

Hue: slightly different from the standard agent

WCIE(whiteness difference between FWA VBL and the standard agent):≥-3.0

Moisture content:≤5%

Content of insoluble impurities:≤0.5%

Fineness(quantity of residue on sieve having 180um meshes):≤10%


FWA VBL is an optical brightenere of the diphenylethylene bistriazine compounds and chemically called 4,4'-bis[(hydroxyethylamino-6-anilino-1,3,5-triazin-2yl) amino]diphenylethylene -2,2'-sodium disulfonate. It has an appearance of light yellow even-sized powder and is soluble in soft water which is more than 80-fold in quantity.


FWA VBL is suitable for whitening cellulose fabric,paper and viscose product.It has a good affinity for cellulose fiber and is capable of whitening the bleached cotton fabric and brightening the light-colored or printed fabric.It is also capable of remarkably increasing the whiteness of the fabric to be dyed so as to improve its appearnce.FWA VBL can be added into soap or detergent so as not only to increase the whiteness of the soap or detergent,but also increase the whiteness of the washed fabric.

Directions for use and dosage:

FWA VBL's dosage should be proper.Over dosage will decrease the whiteness of the material treated and even make it yellow.When used for pad-dyeing,a dosage of 2-3g/l is recommended.



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