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Silicone Color Paste

Silicone rubber color masterbatch instruction


Based on the production feature of silicone rubber industry, combined with foreign technology, our company adapts the efficient dispersant which is independently research and developed, and have a production and management system in accordance with the ISO900. We are specialized in the production masterbatch and color paste. The use of color paste and master batch can avoid the problem of difficult to weigh, color deviation and poor dispersion defects caused by using color powder directly. It is the indispensable raw materials in production of silicone rubber and silicone resin.


Product features

1. Stability: the raw materials are from the internationally well-known companies to ensure that the high degree of stability of color hue, shade, brightness and saturation.

2. easy to disperse: strict refinement process and good dispersant ensure the excellent dispersion  in the very low hardness of the compound

3. resistance to high temperature: high temperature resistance of the pigment is much higher than the molding temperature of silicone rubber, after post cure(280 degrees C *4h), hue change is also very small.

4. comprehensive: variety, it can be equipped with all the visible spectrum of color according to the principle of three primary colors. Special color can be customized.

5. Seriation: include ordinary silicone rubber master batch, food-grade silicone rubber master batch, liquid ones, etc.

6. standardization: the company paste and its related additives have been standardized, as long as the customer reserves a small number of models of products, they can meet the timely proofing and emergency production needs.

Method for the ratio of adding the color paste

In general, the production of sheet of 3mm 1% of the proportion, take the length and width of 1220mm * 2440mm of 3mm thickness of the plate as an example, it is 1220mm * 2440mm * 3mm * 1.19Kg / m3 (MMA specific gravity) ≒ 10.7KG, then 1% of the paste was added to 10.7 kg * 0.01 = 0.107 kg = 107 g

1. With the same size but different thickness, the usage is as the same as the thickness of 3mm, the special size of the customer needs to be adjusted.

2. Special Note: Because the secondary material is less likely to control, so for some specific colors or models, in the operation of under 2.5mm thin plate, we recommend the ok-1 opacifier, with which the precipitation and shadow will be reduced to lightest. Some color liquid can be used by ps liquid (styrene), but also depending on the actual situation.

3. Storage: Store in a cool, dark, ventilated place. Shelf life: 12 months

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