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Pregelatinized Starch

Product Name: Pregelatinized Starch (α-Starch)


Pregelatinized starch is a kind of modified starch that uses corn starch or tapioca starch as raw materials and is modified into a multi-purpose starch. It can be adjusted into a paste with cold water during application, eliminating the trouble of heating and gelatinization. It can be used in many industries such as medicine, food, cosmetics, feed, oil drilling, metal casting, construction, textile, papermaking and so on.

Technical Data Sheet




White powder, water-soluble paste, good viscosity

Gelatinization performance

Can deep swell into a translucent paste in cold water

PH Value


Viscosity (6% water solution)










A. Application in food: fast dissolution and adhesion are the main properties of pregelatinized starch. In the food industry, it can be used to save heat treatment and require thickening and shape retention. It can improve the quality of cakes and stabilize frozen food. Internal organizational structure, etc. Pre-gelatinized starch is mainly used in the food industry to make soft puddings, gravy fillings, pulps, dehydrated soups, seasonings and marshmallows.

B. Application in eel farming: the adhesive is usually used for making eel pellets. The adhesive is easy to digest, nutritious and transparent; it maintains the overall shape of the pellets until the eel is eaten; Solute dissolves; non-stick equipment. Pregelatinized starch can also be used as eel feed binder, and the general addition amount is 20%.

C. Application in the cosmetics industry: Talcum powder is a commonly used skin care product, generally made of talc, starch and other auxiliary materials. Nowadays, foreign countries use gelatinized starch instead of talcum powder and starch to make new talcum powder. In addition to the characteristics of ordinary talcum powder, it also has the characteristics of skin affinity and water absorption.

D. Application in the pharmaceutical industry: General western tablets are composed of medicinal ingredients, starch adhesives, lubricants, etc. The gelatinized starch not only plays the role of material balance, but also acts as a binder. In addition to meeting medical requirements, it also has the characteristics of good strength after molding, easy digestion after taking, and easy dissolution.

E. Application in building materials industry: Pregelatinized starch can be used as retarder, water retaining agent, thickener and binding agent in building materials industry. In ordinary dry mixed mortar, external wall insulation mortar, self-leveling mortar, dry powder plastering adhesive, tile bonding dry powder mortar, high-performance building putty, anti-cracking internal and external wall putty, waterproof dry mixed mortar, gypsum plaster, scratch coating filler It plays a role in materials such as thin layer joints, and plays an important role in the water retention, firmness, retardation and construction of the plaster system.

F. Used as a sizing agent in the textile industry.

G. Used as a sand binder in metal casting, no air bubbles or blisters are produced during the casting process, and the casting surface is smooth.

H. It is used as a fluid loss control agent for drilling mud in the petroleum industry, which can stabilize the well wall, prevent sticking, and does not block oil and gas reservoirs.

I. Used as a binder in the briquette industry.

J. Used in adhesives and sizing agents in the paper industry and carton making industry.

K. It can replace CMC and other adhesives in the mosquito-repellent incense, sanitary incense, and Buddhist incense industries.

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