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Product name: Oleamide

CAS :301-02-0
Chemical formula: C18H35NO

Relative name:Crodamide O,KemamideU,AtmerSA1758,ArmosLipO



Powder or little granule



Color value,Hazen

≤ 150

Acid Value (mgKOH/g)

≤ 0.5

Amine Content


Iodine value (gI2/100g)


Moisture (%)

≤ 0.1


Using high-quality vegetable oleic acid as raw material, through the synthesis and purification processes such as the production of fine goods, do not dissolve in water, alcohol, ester, ketone, benzene and other solvents have a certain solubility. It has good stability to heat, oxygen and ultraviolet light. It can form monomolecular film at the interface of substance. It has the functions of smoothness, lubrication, stripping, anti-wetting, anti-sedimentation, anti-fouling, antistatic, , This product has passed SGS green testing, in line with the EU RoHS environmental directive, allowing for food containers and food packaging materials


1.It can be used for packing film of food container, various packing film, agricultural film, liquid (milk and soya milk), shopping bag (film), degradable film, fruit netting (foamed polyethylene), PP corrugated foam film, (Film), etc., can quickly reduce the film (sheet) surface dynamic and static friction coefficient (≤ 0.2), improve the ease of processing (high mobility, low energy consumption, the elimination of bubbles, etc.) ), To solve the high-speed processing or automation, high-speed packaging operations due to friction caused by electrostatic hazards, and effectively prevent the adhesion of the film to improve the product smooth feel and surface smoothness;

2. Can be used as a function of plastic table printing ink additives to improve the smoothness of the ink feel, scratch resistance, anti-sticking and dispersion;

3. In polyethylene thermoplastic powder coating added to the goods, can significantly improve the flow of powder coating and smoothness;

4. It can be used as lubricant for coating and dispersion stabilizer, brightener and metal anticorrosive agent for HT aluminum TH coating.

5. Can be used as lubricant for PE, PP, EVA, GPPS, PE and other plastic or plastic, slip agent, anti-abrasion agent and anti-caking additive;

6. Can be used as a variety of sealing materials (gaskets, washers) additives, as well as masterbatch bright slippery agent.

Package & Storage:

The product shall be packed in compound bag with net weight of 20kg or 25kg per bag, 1000kg per pallet. The packing shall comply with the international rules and should be protected from direct sunlight and rain for six months. It is recommended to store in cool and dry place. , More than 35 ° C may lead to agglomeration or discoloration, six months after the test can still be used, the goods under the provisions of general chemicals storage and transportation.


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