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Ethylene Bis Lauramide

Product name: Ethylene.Bis.Lauramide
Chemical formula:CH2NHCOC11H23

Relative name:KemamideW40;CrodamideEBL,Armoslip



Small round bead shape or flake

Melting point

148-150 °C

Acid value (mgKOH/g)

≤ 10

Amine vlue(mgKOH/g)

≤ 4.0

Color value(Gardner)

≤ 6.0

Heating loss(%)

≤ 0.5


This product has the high melting point, higher thermal stability, in the process of resin processing, has a wide processing temperature scope, strong affinity with pigment or filler, and ABS, PS, PP, PC, PVC resin, such as good compatibility, good lubrication and dispersion effec


1, Dispersant and lubricantfor plastic and rubber;

2, Lubrication and demoulding agent for thermoplastic plastics and elastomers, can improve the plastic surface smoothness, make the products’ appearance more bright-colour;

3, Used for dispersants of pigment or dye from chemical fiber and plastic masterbatch, such as pp, pet, ABS, PS masterbatch, also can be used as the spread of the powdercolor with the color blending;

4, Lubrication and dispersant for modified materials and flame retardant materials;

5, The lubricant and the adhesive for PVC film and sheet.


This product is non-dangerous goods stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place, away from light to preserve. 


The product information is for reference only. The use of any technology or questions, please contact us. 


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