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Behenamide(Organic opening agent)

Product name: Behenamide(Organic opening agent)

Molecular formula:CH3(CH2)20CONH2

Relative name:Kemamide B/BR. CrodamideBR. Antiblock



Small powder or granule

Amide content,%




Acid Value (mgkoh/g)


Iodine value (gI2/100g)

≤ 3

Color value,Hazen

≤ 150

Moisture (%)

≤ 0.1


This product is smooth, odorless, waxy solid, the flash point of about 260 ℃, good thermal stability, is a non-ionic surfactant, which in acid, alkali and water medium stability, Most solvents insoluble at room temperature. With opening, anti-sticking, stripping, lubrication, brightening, dispersion and anti-static and other effects.


1.Mainly used as anti-sticking agent and anti-scratch agent for CPP, BOPP, BOPET, BOPS, BOPA, BOPO, BOPLA, BOPEN, POF and composite film;

2.for LLDPE, LDPE, EVA and other openings, anti-sticking and smoothing agent;

3.as a foam PE additives, as well as internal and external PVC lubricant;

4.used as engineering plastics (PA6, PA66) bright mold release agent and mold flow enhancer;

5.thermoplastic elastomer release agent and lubricant;

6.as a brightener, lubricating dispersant, smooth agent and anti-scratch agent.

Packaging & Storage

The product shall be packed in compound bag with net weight of 20kg or 25kg per bag. The transportation shall be protected from direct sunlight and rain. The storage period shall be one year. It is recommended to be stored in dark and ventilated place. After one year, the product can still be used. General chemical storage and transportation requirements.


The product information is for reference only. The use of any technology or questions, please contact us. 


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